Bancorp provides access to residential and commercial property funds as well as direct property investment.

New Zealand’s English law based property system provides absolute title to property ownership for residents and non residents alike. As New Zealand does not have a formal capital gains tax and permits non residents to own land, in most cases without Government approval, New Zealand property investment is attractive to resident and non resident investors.

Direct Property Investment

Bancorp provides access to residential and commercial properties located in New Zealand. We arrange funding in local or foreign currencies to purchase properties. All insurances and property management can be arranged by Bancorp.

Property Funds

The New Zealand commercial and residential property market continues to provide very strong yields to investors plus the possibility of longer term capital gain. We provide listed property fund of funds, land banking funds and residential investment funds.

Government leased Housing

Bancorp secures Housing New Zealand leased properties and provides these for investment to its private banking customers. The properties are residential and have long term 10 year plus leases directly to the New Zealand Government. These properties provide a secure revenue stream, capital gain potential and lease rentals that can only increase in value.

Agricultural & Specialist Property

We provide customers with access to vineyard funds or direct ownership of vineyards. In addition, we locate specialist properties, e.g. golf courses, beach front properties, luxury lodges, high country farm stations and other agricultural land based investments to suit a customer’s specific requirement.