Executive Director

Nigel Spratt

Nigel has been a director at Bancorp Wealth Management since 2005 and is executive director of YouOwn, a co-ownership housing programme, in addition to holding directorship roles in subsidiary companies across Bancorp’s investment portfolio.

Nigel’s extensive experience in corporate finance, property investment and company governance means that he is ideally placed to protect and enhance investor returns from Bancorp’s bespoke investment portfolio. Nigel’s background includes a senior consulting role with Housing New Zealand, Director of Corporate Finance at Buttle Wilson Limited (now UBS New Zealand) and corporate lending and finance roles at Barclays Bank plc.

His current directorship roles in subsidiary companies include:

  • YouOwn – New Zealand’s first privately funded organisation offering a co-ownership product for home ownership. A fully commercial, low risk residential property investment.
  • Salus Aviation Limited (aircraft ownership and leasing)
  • Aviation and Marine Underwriting Agency Limited (specialist marine insurance broker)

As well as his directorships, Nigel works with the New Zealand Housing Foundation (a charitable trust) to deliver home ownership programmes for people needing affordable, secure, healthy homes. Nigel has degrees in business studies and social sciences and is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

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