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Treasury and Corporate Finance Insights for 2023

The team at Bancorp Group have put together some insights into the Treasury and Debt markets of Australasia as we head into Q2 of 2023. We also announce a new strategic partnership and share a new investment that has been added to the Castlerock portfolio.

Trends in transactional banking and the race to digital

As business models shift because of COVID-19, there is a strong sense that innovations which have become mainstream because of the pandemic will reshape consumer and organisational behaviour for many more years to come.

Cash culture helps tame economic uncertainty

Organisations are focusing on putting cash to work in order to reduce their cost of debt, minimise bank fees and increase revenue. Our analysts observe that businesses with a consistent focus on cash are less prone to severe cost cutting measures.

Strong reporting framework for NEDs supports good governance

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) are facing fresh challenges as the businesses they are associated with grapple with ongoing impacts of COVID on cashflow, (re)forecasting, supply chain blockages and restrictions, skills shortages, and the appetite of banking partners to take on changing levels of risk. Treasury may or may not be a specific area of focus for […]

Consulting the crystal ball for 2021 and beyond

While 2020 was an exceptional year, are there any learnings we can take to support businesses and the wider New Zealand and Australian economies into 2021 and beyond?  At a macro level, the strategy and implementation of fiscal stimulus was unprecedented, and while it saved many businesses, from a financial market perspective, was 2020 really […]

Transactional banking – bank offerings ‘all the same’?

With transactional banking appearing more commoditised than ever, it is easy to assume that ‘all banks are the same’ but a true partner in this space can create some significant advantages. In a recent survey (EY Future Consumer Index) the 57% fall in cash usage precipitated by COVID-19 has been accompanied by a proportionate rise […]

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