General Manager

Mia Evans

Mia Evans has over 30 years of experience in banking, holding private bank positions at HSBC, Bank of New Zealand and Westpac Bank prior to joining Bancorp in 2007.

As General Manager of Bancorp Wealth Management, Mia and her team focus on the New Zealand market, offering international clients the access to private banking, including immigration-qualifying investments, family office, direct investments and asset investment opportunities and funds. Clients also have access to Bancorp’s corporate finance, treasury advisory and asset management services.

Mia leads a bilingual team, each with more than 20 years’ experience in their specialist areas. Mia was honoured to be the first woman elected to the Vice Chair position at the Japan New Zealand Business Council (formed in 1974). In this role, she looks to support Council aims of developing long-term economic and trade relations with Japan and deepening the mutual understanding essential to the expansion of trade between our two countries.

An honorary member of ‘Support our Kids’, Mia works alongside this non-profit organisation to help children who have been orphaned or displaced in wake of the earthquake off Japan’s North Eastern seaboard on March 11, 2011. Mia looks after the New Zealand programme alongside Ian Kennedy (former NZ Ambassador to Japan) working to facilitate school and support partnerships, sponsorship and acts as the media liaison point.


Private Banking

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Japan/NZ trade relations

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