Sustainability & Finance

Should you be considering an ESG Healthcheck?

Have you considered the key sustainability risks your business could be facing now and into the future? Environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) practices of nearly all industries are coming under increased scrutiny from customers, suppliers, funders, investors, and regulatory bodies. But with risk, also comes opportunity.

How strong is the financial sustainability of your business?

  • Are you in a high-risk industry? Are you clear about your exposure to risk? Would you benefit from an ESG healthcheck?
  • Have you met with your funder recently? Will traditional funding exist for you in the future? Would you benefit from a Sustainable Funding Review?
  • If you have a sustainability strategy, have you linked this to your financing and do you have a transition plan in place to track progress towards achieving targets? Would you benefit from a Sustainable Funding Review and ESG Dashboard Reporting?
  • Do you have questions on any of the following? Climate Related Disclosures, Scope 3 emissions, Modern Day Slavery policies, the Māori economy, Supplier Code of Conduct? Would you benefit from a Sustainability Strategy/Review?

Why choose us?

  • Independence and expertise
  • Pragmatic approach with practical solutions
  • Cost effective, manageable step by step process
  • Support integration of sustainability until it becomes business as usual
  • Assess suitability and eligibility of sustainable funding
  • Identify opportunities – hard dollar as well as soft dollar benefits
  • Support strategic framework and dashboard reporting
  • Keep you updated on the changing sustainability landscape

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Interested in talking further?

Whether you have undertaken sustainable finance or do not know where to begin, we can help.

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