Hedge Accounting

Keeping up with changes in accounting standards, let alone implementing them can be a full-time job. Our specialist in-house team has the knowledge to help you stay compliant.

We provide independent valuations and testing to meet IFRS requirements, (we have particular expertise in IFRS9). Since Bancorp is not aligned to any bank or broker selling financial instruments, there are no grey areas. Our advice is 100% focused on supporting you to meet the specific requirements of the standard for hedging in finance to ensure compliance.

We provide a comprehensive service to meet the various accounting standards including independent valuations for financial instruments (including credit valuation adjustments), hedge accounting and various disclosures in the financial statements.

The Bancorp team has regular dialogue with all major accounting firms so that we stay ahead of any changes in audit requirements and hedge accounting standards. And we are always on-call to help our clients address any issues arising from audits in a complete and timely manner.

For expert support with hedging in finance, call Bancorp to discuss your IFRS needs.