Why choose Bancorp

Leading the way
for thirty years

The Bancorp Group has been one of New Zealand’s leading investment banking groups for thirty years. We have offices in New Zealand and Australia, with affiliations in Asia, UK, Europe and North America. Over the past thirty years Bancorp has successfully provided independent financial advisory and execution services to a wide range of international and domestic businesses.

We’re a little different

At Bancorp, we know what it’s like to stand in your shoes. As a group, we buy, manage and sell New Zealand businesses on our own behalf and our Treasury team is made up of experienced treasurers. This means we have hands-on experience and a clear view of the big picture from all perspectives.

More than just advice

Bancorp teams work alongside clients offering both advisory and execution services. We know that we’re only as good as our last transaction, so we take pride in being actively involved in every deal from beginning to end — and beyond.

Specialist acumen

Bancorp’s expert teams turn proprietary knowledge and financial market insights into accurate, in-depth treasury, corporate risk and debt advisory advice and execution.

Unswerving integrity

At Bancorp we play the long game by consistently providing sound, market-driven advice. That means you can rely on us to tell you what you need to know under any circumstances.

Innovation at our core

At Bancorp, we understand that innovation is the key to upholding our standards of excellence. Our teams’ expertise and commitment to problem-solving create better ways to support and grow businesses.