Working With Bancorp

Bancorp principles: Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork & People.

In the mid 1980’s three of New Zealand’s top corporate finance directors envisioned the establishment of a pre-eminent New Zealand corporate finance business. The vision led to the establishment of Bancorp New Zealand Limited in 1987. The principles upon which Bancorp was founded still hold true for all employees.

Integrity: There is no room for degrees of integrity and at all times we must maintain our integrity to the utmost level. “We are only as good as our last transaction and the market’s perception of us”.

Innovation: By coming up with new ideas we add value to our clients, our business and our people. “There is no added value in doing what has been done before. We must always strive to do better and to challenge our own thinking”.

Teamwork: Bancorp thrives as a free flow of ideas, we all have something to contribute, working together. Bancorp, as a whole, succeeds where individuals can not. “Working as a team means we all benefit”.

Our People: Our greatest resource is our people. We seek to provide a stimulating and rewarding environment for all staff. “We recruit the best people, we reward on merit alone and we provide an environment of respect”.