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Unique, tailored investment opportunities for charities, institutional funds and eligible domestic or international high net worth investors

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At Bancorp, we don’t stay on the outside looking in. We are investors in our own right, co-investing in all the opportunities that we offer our clients.

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Bancorp offers private equity funds that present carefully constructed opportunities with high returns relative to risk.
You can have confidence in our advice because we are co-investors, which means we’ve got skin in the game.

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Private equity funds


Frequently valued
Liquid investment
Pre-tax income
Regular distributions

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Training & Certification

Residential Property


Residential co-ownership programme
Impact investment
Strong financial returns

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Private Equity Funds

The Castlerock Investment Fund is a private equity investment fund that has been structured specifically to provide pre-tax distributions. Castlerock provides a frequently valued, liquid investment that delivers regular quarterly distributions.
Castlerock targets businesses with a strong market position within an industry that demonstrates strong long-term prospects. We focus on establishing a diversified portfolio of businesses that have an existing track record of profitability and success.

Castlerock is backed and managed by Bancorp and the portfolio includes a 100% shareholding of leading horse transport business, Majestic Horse Floats and a 50% stake in The Depths LP, master franchisor of 73 quick-services-restaurants under the HELL brand.
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Residential Property

Bancorp offers YouOwn as a limited partnership, impact investment opportunity that delivers both a measurable, beneficial social impact and a financial return for investors. A shared equity, co-ownership programme, YouOwn enables home buyers in New Zealand to purchase a home they would otherwise be unable to afford.

How it works for investors

YouOwn provides investors with a fully commercial, low risk residential property investment in New Zealand. Since risk is limited to the investment itself, YouOwn provides a good risk/reward balance.  YouOwn offers cash distributions semi annually and provides comparable returns to a five year Term Deposit.

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How it works for buyers

By investing between 20% and 25% of the property value at the time of purchase, YouOwn becomes a joint tenant in common with the homeowner. The homeowner pays an equity charge on YouOwn’s investment and retains full responsibility for the bank loan. After five years the owner can opt to buy out YouOwn at the property’s current market value. If not bought out, the equity charge is reset for a further five years.
YouOwn has worked with a range of banks and brokers to secure a position where YouOwn home loan products can be offered to suitable customers. YouOwn is a co-ownership programme designed to help home buyers who are looking for a hand up not a hand out.

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Bancorp manages $100 million+ in New Zealand assets

Our private equity funds are not prospectus-based, retail-targeted investments but carefully constructed opportunities that provide high returns relative to risk. Investors can have confidence in our advice because we co-invest in all the opportunities that we offer our clients. We also manage our own asset securitisation programme, servicing over 160,000 contracts.

$100 million +

in New Zealand assets

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